Still Life Studios is a photography and videography studio that primarily covers the Phoenix, Arizona area but we are photographic nomads and are willing to travel. We want to be the photographer and videographer team for your wedding or multiple weddings if you are into the whole getting married a few times idea. We photograph baby and babies because maybe you are into the whole propagating the species thing. We are all for adoption too and think more people should be a part of it. While your waiting for the birth, which we also photograph very tastefully, you should get maternity portraits done. After your child and children grow we will be your photographer for your high school senior. You don't even have to tell us they graduated either ... they could be a drop out and we will still treat them well. We photograph the family and even multiple families into one large group. As crazy as this sounds, if births didn't surprise you, we have done photography for funerals. Understand it is not so much about the person who passed but about all the family that came together in celebration. If you think about it, a wedding and funeral bring people together and people coming together are great places to take photos. Unless you like photos of inanimate objects ... which oddly enough is considered Still Life Photography. For that we might need to send you to someone else because we specialize in people. Oh and by the way we think we are a really fun group of artists thought text isn't always the best way to express it ... So come over to our studio and hang out with us. We like friends.

"Where do you photograph?" You seriously just read my mind because that is exactly what I wanted to talk about next. Some of the cities we have photographed in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Tuscon, Scottsdale, Chandler, Cave Creek, Queen Creek, Deer Valley, Glendale, Surprise, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Payson, Pinetop, Sedona, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon though I am not sure it's a city, and generally all over Arizona including Casa Grande.

"Do you travel outside of the AZ?" Wow! You are on a roll! We have done the photographer and videographer thing in San Diego and various parts of Orange County (though I swear every photographer in the world says they work in Orange County), Disney Land, No Mans Land which I swear is Barstow, California ... not to sound bad but Barstow was a summer of my life I wish I could take back. We have done photography in Utah, like Salt Lake City, Ceder City, Park City, Provo though you thought I was going to say City but I wasn't. We have shot Las Vegas though I am unsure if there is anywhere else in Nevada besides Las Vegas and whats funny it's not even the capitol. As for Colorado we have shot in Denver, some us have visited Veil. Matt and Dani have a special affinity to Durango. Don't forget Texas ... San Antonio was an awesome wedding too. Taiwan was stellar but that as an adoption gig.

"What wedding venues have you covered?" Keep it coming! I won't try to name them all but here are some: Regency Garden, Seville Golf and Country Club, Anthem Golf and Country Club, Encanterra, Superstition Springs, Wrigley Mansion, Ashley Manor, the Castle at Ashley Manor, Fire Sky Resort, Millenium Resort, Wright House, Villa Sienna, Royal Palms, The Raven at Verrado, Waterfront, Tempe Mission Palms, Trilogy at Power Ranch, and more...